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What do I receive for volunteering?
Each volunteer receives one wristband in exchange for his or her work which you can use when you are not volunteering. The wristbands, in addition to serving as the ticket to enter homes, will also get you discounts around town!
What are the duties of a volunteer?
We have two types of volunteers: Check-In Volunteers and In-Home Volunteers.

Check-In Volunteers will be at one of two check-in areas to assist in selling tickets, will-call pick up, and helping tour goers with general questions and directions.

In-Home Volunteers will be assigned to a specific home on the tour and will assist the homeowner with light setup and cleanup, greeting tour goers, and answering general questions about the home and the tour.

When should I arrive?
Volunteers should arrive by their scheduled time to meet with homeowners and other volunteers about specific instructions and where you’ll be stationed in the home or building. Please note that you will have access to chilled water and bathrooms courtesy of your home host or building.
How should I dress?
Comfortably. You may be stationed outside or somewhere which will require you to assist patrons down a hallway or up a (short) set of stairs. Please keep an eye on the weather in case of inclement weather and prepare to dress accordingly.
What do I do once the tour begins?
Have Fun!! The tour is a time to make new friends and share your love and enthusiasm for downtown living with others. Take time to enjoy everything and have some fun. Please know that the home tour committee and City People Board are truly appreciative of your willingness to participate in this tour. Thank you!